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Visico VT-300P AC/DC Flash


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Portable AC/DC studio flash with power pack

Visico VT-300P AC/DC Flash

Very handy product at an absolute stunning price!

Portable AC/DC dual duty studio flash with power pack
Perfect for location work like weddings, portrait, fashion etc.
Very light and compact

Flash head features 2 sockets: 1 for mains & 1 for battery pack

Power output: 300WS GN 65 (2m, ISO 100)
Output range: Full to 1/32 stepless
Battery charging time of 4hrs
300 - 400 full power flashes per charge

Kit includes:
1 x VT-300P Flash heads with reflector 
1 x Mains power cable
1 x Battery pack with carry bag
1 x Battery pack to flash connecting cable
1 x Mains charger
1 x Car cigarette lighter cord (for charging)

NOTE: Stand in image not included