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Visico VC-400HLR High Speed Studio flash


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Visico VC-400HLR High Speed Studio flash

Professional High Speed studio light
Short flash duration provides motion-freezing capability
Flash duration 1/1000 - 1/2500
Ideal for fashion, beauty and action photography
Power output: 400WS GN 75 (2m, ISO 100)
Output range: Full to 1/32 step less
Large LCD displays settings
Optional LR-2000 remote control compatible
Plug-in flash tube and cooling fan
Low 5V trigger voltage
Built in slave sensor (Pre-flash compatible)
Auto power dump
Overvoltage/overheating protection
2 Year warranty
1 x VC-400HLR Flash head with reflector
1 x Modelling lamp, mains power cord and sync lead

Flash Light in High Speed VC-400HLR
Thanks to the short flash duration time, the VC-400HLR moonlight provides you motion-freezing capability and constant color temperature. It is an ideal unit for fashion, beauty and action photographers, perfectly suited to capturing fast motion, as well as portraits and products.

Technical data
Guide no.(GN)  63.8 to 11.6 
Output control range  Full to 1/32 
Recycling time to full power 200V‐240V/50Hz    1.2s 
Flash duration  1/1000‐1/2500 
Modeling lamp output  150w/220v 
Triggering method  Slave sensor/sync cable/test button
Color temperature  5500‐5600k 
Flash tube    Plug in tube (user replaceable) 
Triggering voltage  Low voltage triggering 5V 
Cooling fan  Yes 
Auto power dump  Yes 
Overvoltage/overheating/overcurrent protection    Yes 
Power source  220‐240v 
Weight (kg)  2.56 
Size(cm)  30*13*13