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Visico 4 portable Studio strobe


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Visico 4 is a wireless outdoor lamp with built-in battery and a wireless trigger receiver. In addition, modeling lamp is LED 13W low power with consumption. A full battery charge should provide 700 flashes at full power.

Built-in trigger enables using the supplied complete transmitter to trigger within about 100 meters from the light working at a frequency of 2.4 Ghz on one of the 16 available channels.

The battery is equipped with a socket charger, so having a spare battery can charging one - to work on the other. Charging can be done with a 230V or a cigarette lighter in the car with the included adapter.

Product Features
·300Ws max. output power  
·Wireless and convenience
·Built-in replaceable Lithium battery
·5 f-stop power variability range from full to 1/16 power 
·Adjustable in precise 1/10 f-stops with voltage regulation consistency
·Adjustable Flash frequency up to 20 times per second 
·Adjustable successive shots up to 15 shots
·Adjustable flash duration from 1/1000 to 1/10000sec in stroboscopic mode 
·A flash sensitive built-in slave can be adjustable up to 7 pre flashes
·13Ws energy saving LED modeling lamp  
·Modeling light with on/ off/ selective auto shut off for maximizing battery life 
·Modeling light selective lighting time 5s, 10s, 15s, and 20s before auto shut off 
·With build in 2.4GH radio receiver
·Radio trigger setting with 16 channels
·Consistent color temperature
·Legible LCD readout can be read out in bright sunshine
·READY state can be indicated both audibly and visually
·Bowens bayonet provides the most flexibility to use studio accessories 
·AC power (100-240V) charging for worldwide use, and automobile 12V DC charger
·Circuit protection

Product Information
Power output 300Ws
Guide number GN(2m,Iso 100)1/60 Reflector SF-610 60
Output power rang from full power 1/1 to 1/16
Flash duration 1/1000-1/2500
Recycling time at Max. output power 2.5s
Recycling time at Min. output power 0.4s
Flash duration Full power 1/1 1/250
Flash tube Plug in tube (user replaceable)
Flash duration Min. power 1/16 1/4000
Successive flashes 3 shots;5 shots ;7 shots ;10 shots ;12 shots; 15 shots
Stroboscopic Mode Flash frequency 1 Hz; 3 Hz; 5 Hz; 10 Hz; 15 Hz; 20Hz
Flash duration F1 1/1000s;F2 1/2000s;F3 1/3000s;F4 1/4000s;F5 1/5000s;F6 1/6000s;F7 1/7000s;F8 1/8000s;F9 1/9000s;FP 1/10000s;
Modeling lamp LED 13W, 1370 lumen (energy-saving mode)
Color temperature 5500K±200K
Trigger voltage 5V Low voltage trigger
Trigger methods Sync cord;Photo cell;2.4G radio transmitter;Test button
Flash light protection Overheating protection
Flash light dimension Diameter 125mm x length 220 mm
Flash light weight 1.8kg
Number of flashes at full power per charge 700 times
Power source Lithium battery
Battery capacity 6000mAH, 12V
Charging way Plug-in charging type
Charging voltage AC 100-240V, DC12V
Charging time 5hrs
Power pack protection overheating protection; Low voltage automatic power cut-off system
Accessories Φ3.5mm sync cord, standard reflector, protective cap, 100-240V charger, 12V automobile charger, Tripod head adapter
Charging time and number of flashes may vary according to the condition of the battery  


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