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The Godox LP-800X Lithium Power Inverter


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The Godox Leadpower LP800X pure sine wave inverter is the ideal power solution for taking your monobloc studio flashes that normally run on AC power into the outdoors for complete flexibility allowing both studio and outdoor shooting. The LP800X will deliver 500+ flashes from a 500Ws flash head and can drive up to 3000Ws flash units. In addition the LP800X features dual switchable power circuits: In Flash Mode the circuit is specially designed to eliminate damage to flash units; in Normal Mode the unit will power any AC electrical appliance that requires a constant power source such as laptops, chargers, wind machines, additionally this new unit now also has three USB ports to charge devices like an iPad or iPhone.
As well as being sturdy, it is compact and portable with the main body weighing in at 4kg and the interchangeable 12000 mAh Lithium Ion battery pack at 2.2kg. Optional spare batteries can be purchased so you can swap out the battery pack where or when ever you need to. The batteries can be charged either inside the unit or separate from the unit, either using the AC adapter charger unit, or from a car battery. There are even external terminals on the unit that will allow you to directly connect a 12V car battery and run the inverter from that instead. The time to full charge when using the AC adapter charger is around 3 hours.
The Leadpower LP800X has three 110V/230V AC sockets, three USB ports, Lithium Ion battery level indicator and low-voltage warning alarm so you wont be caught short without power, and built-in cooling fan to prevent overheating. The unit comes supplied with a handy shoulder case with comfortable shoulder strap, and openings for cooling fan and cables.
Continuous Output: 800w
Peak Power: 1400w
Input Voltage Range: 110V/60HZ or 230V/50HZ
Output Voltage/Frequency: 11-15.5V
Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Highharmonic Distortion: < 3%
No-load Current Consumption: Normal Mode - 0.25A, Flash Mode - 1A 91%
Conversion Efficiency: 91%
Low-voltage Alarm: Yes
Low-voltage Shutdown: Yes
Storage Temperature Range: -30C - 70C
Operating Temperature Range: 0-40 C
Battery Type: Lithium Ion battery
Nominal Capacity of the Battery: 12000mAh
Charging Period: 3Hrs
Fuse: Replaceable 3x30A
Godox Leadpower Lithium Ion Inverter LP800X Includes:
1x Godox Leadpower LP800X
1x Lithium Ion Battery Pack
1x AC Charger
1x AC Power Cord
1x Shoulder Bag