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Swivel Flash Bracket with Umbrella Holder


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Swivel Flash Bracket with Umbrella Holder - Light Stand

360 degree Swivel Flash Stand Bracket Umbrella Holder C2 type

This High Quality Flashgun Adapter Mount C is different from Mount B, the image and structure is changed, it's lighter and smaller. The main point for this Mount C is the head can be round at 360 degree, you can use it at any point of view, it's very convenient to use. It can be attached to your light stand, insert your flash unit and umbrella so it is at an optimum angle for getting great photographic results time after time.

The flash shoe on top of the holder can be unscrewed--beneath is a 1/4" thread which can attach a radio receiver or other device

The Holder body made of metal, large load capacity, durable and steady.

The bottom of holder can connect with your light stand

Net Weight:115g
Material: Anodized Aluminum Metal and Plastic