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Super Clamp with Reversible Stud


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Super Clamp with Reversible Stud

Product Description
This classic clamp is indispensible in any studio setup. It could be attached to most light stand, tripod or pipe from 0.5" to 2 1/4". It could hold just about everything in your studio, like light stand, light, umbrellas, camera, beam and even crossbar.

Our Super Clamp is a versatile heavy duty clamping device with hundreds of uses. This Solid Metal

Clamping device is intended to attach to any metal bar or flat panel up to 2" thick and provides a

standard stud connection to support any studio light fixture.

-Grips on tube diameters from 13mm to 55mm
-5/8 Spigot (standard Lightstand size) with 1/4" thread and 3/8 Thread
-Similar to Manfrotto Superclamp 035 (but better)
-Lightstand Safety catch
-Made of Aluminium alloy.
-17.5 kg Max load

This clamp is perfect when you need to add strobes or more lighting to a scene.

With it is heavy duty construction, you can bet it will hold steady for shot after shot. With it is large jaws, your options are greatly increased.

You can pretty much clamp onto anything you can fit the jaws around tripods, poles, bars, light stands, etc... This is truly one of the most versatile clamps we offer.

Kit Includes:
-5/8 Male/Male spigot

Same as manfrotto Super Clamp 035 for Autopole