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Studio Heavy Duty 4500mm C Stand Boom Arm Kit


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Pro Steel Studio Heavy Duty 4500mm C Stand Boom Arm Kit with Castor Wheels

3-section steel tubular stand 3-section boom, attached with sandbag and braked wheels

Front - Crane Asenal FT-9112 - made of steel and has a particular strength and reliability. Used to set the studio flashes and other lighting on the subject. Due to steel structural elements, Crane FT-9112 allows you to work with large and heavy studio equipment and heavy loads. Front - Crane Asenal FT-9112 is equipped with an additional mechanism for adjusting the beam, with which you can easily change the angle when working with heavy lighting fixtures. Casters supplied will allow to easily and quickly move the rack on the territory of film crew. The special design allows the rack to properly distribute and balance the load on the bearings. Counterweight provides crossbar adjustment, depending on the shooting conditions and the weight used flares, and can be easily attached to the bar with a metal carabiner. Includes. Steel rack - 1pc Steel beam with ext. tilt mechanism. - 1pc Wheels - 1pc bag 

Model: FT9112
Folded Height: 1470mm 
Max.operation Height: 4500mm Diameter: 41mm
Net Weight: 16200g