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Snoot for bowens S mount studio flash


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Snoot for bowens S mount studio flash

This is a Bowens mount snoot suitable for many studio flashes.

These are great for adding light to a small area such as back lighting hair.
Includes a removable honeycomb grid for even more directed light.

The conical snoot is great for those cool product shots where the light cascades in to pinpoint the product.

The Snoot allows you to control a column of light placing where you want.

It works great as a hair light too. The SPEED ring allows for quick on and off use. Every studio should have a conical snoot around..

It uses a Bowens S-Type Mount

This is a brand new snoot with honeycomb. The Snoots are essential for any lighting system. The snoot alters the shape, output and directional lighting from your flash heads. This snoot fits all our studio flash heads.