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Remote Flash Trigger - Studio 240V VSAC-B


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Remote Flash Trigger - Studio 240V VSAC-B

VSAC-B Radio slave kit. Two Channels.

Remote 240 volt operated Wireless Trigger for studio flash or any other electronic flash you may want to utilise separate from your camera. The receiver is operated by the 240 volt power supply to the studio flash so that a battery is not required. An extra power line is not required.
This is an excellent way to protect your camera. Many Studio flashes when connected to Digital cameras with sync cords have high trigger voltages which can damage the camera electronics. A wireless system gives total protection.

It comes with a hot shoe mounted transmitter. It works with a normal type of hot shoe, but not a Minolta type hot shoe fitting, which requires an adapter. (Includes a phono sync socket to attach a sync cord for cameras that have a PC socket but not a hot shoe.)

The signal receiver has a standard 1/4" (6.35mm) phono plug which is
inserted into the sync socket of a studio flash. A 3.5mm phono plug adapter is also supplied if necessary for different models of flash.

A very reliable method of triggering studio flashes.

With a test button built in on the transmitter, you can trigger your remote flash manually for metering purpose.

Two channels.
Brand new in retail box

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