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Reflector Light disc Silver & White 150x200cm


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A Silver/white reflector is for use in Outdoor Portraits best used in lower light conditions. The Silver reflector is also best used in lower light conditions for adding a higher levels of contrast to the subject. The white is for softer look without shadow Each reflector is supplied with a zipper pocket to store and carry your reflector.

Shape:Round Reflector
Size Open: 150x200cm
Surface Colour: white, Silver
Package Includes:

1x 2-in-1 Round Reflector
1x Zipper round carrying case

Silver side

Make cold tone and a more bright effect.
Provide a sharp contrast light.
Highlight the Fine surface texture and improve color saturation.
Under the cloudy sky, it is better than the white side.

For still life, video, product shots and B&W photography.
Tips:: When the light comes from the head, you can put the Silver side under the face so that you can catch the light reflected to the face and get the perfect effect.