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Quality boom and light stand in 2 in 1


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This is a great commercial quality boom stand and has the unique feature of being a lightstand and then in seconds converts to a quality solid boom stand! A super handy and popular item for the studio.

Product feature - ideal for holding lighting equipment both in studio and location - easy to set up and operate, removeable, collapsible and made of high quality aluminum it comes with a sandbag for counterweight.

Light Stand LS-8011 from Visico.

- Maximum height: 395cm 
- Minimum height: 132cm 
- Folded Height: 114cm 
- Maximum diameter tubes: 3.5cm 
- Weight: 7kg 
- Max. capacity: 5kg

- All lamps and accessories with a spigot connection

Visico studio equipment meets the highest standards and is constantly tested for quality, durability and reliability. Use is made of high quality materials.