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Professtional 100WSI Adjustable LED light 5500K


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Professtional 100WSI Adjustable LED light 5500K with Internal Fan, 800W equivalent, LED100WSI

This adjustable LED light can be used as the main or fill light for photography or videography. The LED100WSI light is a powerful LED source capable of delivering up to 800 tungsten equivalent watts of output at a digital-friendly color temperature of 5,500K and a high CRI of 85. Power control makes adjustment of light output quick and easy. Now you can have just the right amount of light when you need it.

The LED100WSI has a 55 degree beam angle and comes with an integrated tilting 5/8" stand mount with umbrella hole.
8000 Lumens at full power
Variable power control
Color Temperature: 5500K
Color Rendering Index (CRI): 85%
Average Lifetime: 60,000 hours (7500 days @ 8 hrs/day)
Bowen mount and umbrella mount for optional light modifiers (softbox, beauty dish, reflector, umbrella, brolly box, etc.)
Built-in cooling fan
Fits standard light stands

LED Studio Lighting: Daylight balanced, full spectrum light source, 800W equivalent studio LED fixture with a CRI Rating of 85+ allows photographers to utilize their favorite modifiers outfitted with a Bowens mount speed ring.
Built to Use Modifiers of All Sizes: The Bowens mount allows use of our extensive collection of Bowens softboxes, beauty dishes, reflectors and snoots. The integrated umbrella mount allows the use of umbrellas and brolly boxes. With an optional 7" reflector mounted on the LED100WSI, barn doors, grids and gels can be used as well.
Dimmable: Control the output of the LED100WSI with the stepped rear control dial.
Long Lifespan: Unlike units utilizing halogen or tungsten bulbs, the LED100WSI give off minimal heat, permitting a lifespan of over 60,000 hours.
Internal Fan: The quiet internal fan keeps the LED100WSI cool.
Light Metering: ISO 200, 1/60s, F3.6 at 5ft with no modifiers; ISO 200, 1/60s F5.0 at 5ft with 7" reflector