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Professional portable outdoor high speed studio strobe


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The nFlash 280a is a fantastic option for acheiving professional lighting on location. With a buiolt in battery pack and capable of high speed this light is an outstanding product and easy to see why they are so popular!

To complate the kit they come in a hard wearing metal case and come included witha wireless flash transmitter!

Output power 280ws
GN 36
Recycling time 0.1-3s
Power range 7 f-stop (1/64-1/1)
MULTI times 5,10,15,20,25 times
Frequency 1,2,10 times/sec.
Li-ion battery 12V-2000mAh 
Power source Interchangeable & memoryless battery
Flash times (full power) 1/1:280 times,
Battery-charging time 3 hours
Battery charging way Plug-in charging type
Protection device Overheating protection
Triggering way 100m, with inner 2.4GHz remote control
Modeling bulb 5W LED light
Sensor triggering Yes (ON/OFF)
Color temperature 5500K200K
Highspeed flash duration FP-1/11000s, F2-1/9000s, F3-1/6000s, F4-1/4000s, F5-1/2000s


1. Light head = 1pc, with battery and lampshade reflector,
2. Al-case strap = 1pc,
3. n flash private strap = 1pc,
4. 2.4GHz 16 channels transmitter = 1pc,
5. Charger = 1pc, power cable (1.2m) = 1pc,
6. Al-case = 1pc.