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Professional lightstand - Special short design can go to 490mm


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Professional lightstand - Special short design

This special extra short and sturdy light stand has been designed to get get down where other stands cannot, great for background lighting or any other time when an extra short lightstand is needed.
This model is also on wheels for super easy moveability around the studio.

Can operate as low as 490mm !!

These high quality light weight, heavy-duty light stands (made of aluminium alloy) are designed for location shooting and small to medium studios. Our light stand selection all feature a non-slip twist lock for quick and easy set-up, an air cushioned centre column that adds safety to the light fixture.

The light stand is made of high quality aluminum, and designed for studio lighting.
Can also be used for strobist type shooting and hold off camera compact flash guns.

Black Aluminium with plastic fittings and air cushioned, top quality popular light stand

Model no: JS-750

Material: Aluminum + aluminum joint part
1. Max.Operating height: 750mm
2. Min.height: 490mm
3. Folded length: 480mm
4. Tube diameter: 25.3mm
5. Net weight: 1170g
6. Max.load capacity: 2500g