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Product Photography Table - 50x100cm


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Product Photography Table

Portable photo shooting table that requires no assembly, ready to use of the box. Must have photography equipment for photographers on the go. The portable shooting table can be use with different photography lighting systems, even household lamp. Produce catalog like product photo with different backdrop and photography lighting system. Reduce object drop shadow with the translucent shooting table board in conjunction with background paper. The portable shooting table is made of high quality metal alloy and can be easily cleaned and storage.

Great for giving pure white backgrounds for professional product shots for Trademe or your website product listings and for catelogues etc.
Breaks down quickly for convenient storage

Please see our other listings for lighting setups and all the camera and studiom accessories you may need.

Model: PT-0510
PVC plastic Board:50x100cm
Panel Height: 50cm
Max. Length: 100cm
Width: 60cm
Poles: 10x10
Material: iron