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Pixel ETTL Flash Trigger King Set


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Pixel ETTL Flash Trigger King Set ( 1 transmitter & 1 receiver )

King achieves high-sync flash shooting with Canon cameras and other creative lighting function including E-TTL II, E-TTL, FP ...etc. King supports shutter speeds up to 1/8000s. King has 3 different groups each group can use multiple units and set each as individual power settings. When using the EOS EXII series flash, you can set the flash power in the camera menu, directly.

Product Function (For Canon):
1. Support Canon E-TTL.
2. Up to 3 difference group and 7 combination on the flash transceiver.
3. Support EOS E-TTL II.
4. When using the EOS EX II series flash, you can set difference setting on difference group, available to set 1/1~1/128 flash output, totally 23 difference levels.
5. When using EOS EX II series flash, you can adjust the
flash exposure compensation from camera.
6. Support all the shutter speed, sync speed up to 1/8000s;using the PC socket control the studio ight which also support 1/8000s sync speed.
7. Multi control the speedlite or studio light.

1 camera menu control flash output power
2 camera menu Settings flash output mode
3 exposure compensation
4 ae lock
5 camera Settings grouping
6 three flash group of output different power flash
7 manual transmitters setting on grouping flash
8 the former shade synchronization, high-speed synchronization
9 high-speed synchronous shadow room lights
10 other brands compatible with flash high-speed synchronization and TTL flash Metz, SIGMA, Sunpak, Nissin etc

Wireless System:
System model: FSK 2.4GHz Wireless System
Operation Range: 100M above
Channel: 7

Flash mode: E-TTL,TTL, Manual
Synchronous mode: Former shade, high-speed synchronization
Operation Range: 100M
Group control: Three categories (7 kinds of mode)
Synchronous speed: 1/8000S
Compatible with flash: Airborne flash light, shadow room lights, outdoor flash light

Trigger mode:
Transmitter: Output support TTL mode, input support PC, hot boots triggered
Receiver: Output support TTL, support hot boots, cable interface triggered

Transmitter: USB, PC cable input socket, hot boots input and hot boots output
Receiver: USB, PC cable outlet, hot boots output

Power Supply
Applicable battery: TX :AAX2pc(support 1.2 V rechargeable batteries)
RX:AAX2pc(support 1.2 V rechargeable batteries)
Standby Time: TX :5 Years
RX:250 Hours
Working Time: TX:100 Hours
RX:120 Hours
Included Items:
King transmitter: 1pc
King receiver:     1pc
connecting cable(BL-1/2): 1pc
connecting cable(BL-3.5): 1pc
receiver holder: 1pc
      hot shoe protector :     1pc
      Instruction manual :     1pc