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Kit bag for studio light equipment - KB-A


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Kit bag for studio light equipment

The extra large studio bag ensures enough space and a secure transportation for your studio equipment. The trolley is suitable for 3 flash devices, 3 lamp tripods, reflex umbrellas, softboxes and much more. The internal space can be adjusted individually through the Velcro dividers (2diagonal dividers, 1 intermediate ground, 1 removeable ground) . In the lower compartment you can store tripods, softboxes and so on. In addition, the top lid of the bag contains a mesh pocket for small parts. This studio bag possesses two hard rubber wheels. You can pull it by the extandable handle or the ergonomic shaped hand grip. A length adjustable padded shoulder strap (which is removeable through carabiner) or alternatively a handle will help you to carry your bag. For the protection of your equipment you can find sturdy plastic protectors at the bottom side of your bag.

Model: KB-A = 76cm x 24cm x 26cm

Please see our other listings or search for KB-B model for a larger kit bag

Product features:
* Perfect for professional studio equipment, e.g. for 2-3 studio flashes, 2-3 light stand, softboxes photo umbrella etc.
* Variable internal layout of compartments (2 diagonal dividers, 1 intermediate ground, 1 removeable ground)
* Length adjustable padded shoulder strap (removeable through carabiner)
* Interior compartment with mesh pocket for small parts
* Upright fast access compartment for e.g. softboxes
* Extandable handle
* Hard rubber wheels and plastic protector