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Heavy Duty Air Cushion Light Stand - 2.9m max


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Heavy Duty Air Cushion Light Stand - 2.9m max

These Light Stands are made of black anodized aluminium tubing, extends to 10 ft (2.92m), and have 4 sections.

Professional grade heavy duty lightstand. Suitable for all studios etc.

If you forget to tighten any section with your light mounted, the light slowly descends, thanks to the air-cushioning of this stand. This useful feature saves equipment, and fingers from harm during busy photo sessions.

The Double Spigot 16/1 is a double ended 16mm stud. On one 16mm stud is a 3/8" screw and on the other a 1/4-20 screw is positioned. This combination offers many adapting functions in one unit

LS-808 Heavy Duty Air Cushion Light Stand
Max. Operating Height :2900mm
Min. height : 830mm
Folded length : 985mm
Max. tube diameter: 33mm
Net weigh:1755g
Max. Load capacity : 4500g
Leg Span: 1m