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Gorilla Studio Clamp


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Gorilla Studio Clamp 

This powerful metal spring clamp is an ideal aid in the studio and all round in use. A powerful spring makes that it can hold a lot of things with a lot of force for instance holding tools, hanging a backdrop, or preventing a roll of backdrop paper from unrolling. The clamp has a rubber coating to prevent damage. The clamp is 76 mm wide and can be attached to objects up to 40 mm thick. 

Multi purpose steel studio clamp in black to stop any reflections with rubber covered jaws to avoid damage. 

Many applications around the studio for these clamps from securing backdrops and clipping up wires etc. 

These things are a big step up from the DIY store clamps. First up they’re made of metal, not plastic, so should stand up to years of use and abuse. The clamp action is seriously strong, so watch your fingers when snapping them closed. Each side of the clamp is lined with a rubber, which helps reduce the risk of marking delicate surfaces. As the name suggests the gorilla clamps are super strong and can be used to attach heavy material to a background support pole or as quick way of clamping an object. 

Length: 108mm 
Jaw opening: 50mm approx 
Jaw width: 78m 
Black finish 
Durable metal with rubber grip 

Same as falcom eyes Suspended Clamp CL-C35