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Gold Silver Reversible Flash Umbrella Reflector 2 in 1 - 100cm


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Gold Silver Reversible Flash Umbrella Reflector

Studio Flash Umbrella Silver / Gold 2in1

A traditional umbrella style reflector is a accessory used with flash or continus light to diffuse light from a photographic lamp to which it is normally attached.

This umbrella offers you two completely different lighting qualities in one! The Gold and Silver Dual Umbrella offers you two differing reflective qualities with its reversible sides.

GOLD: creates a strong warming effect in your lighting e.g enhancing skin tones or giving an evening effect to product shots.

SILVER: increases specular highlights adding more contrast to your image e.g shiny skin on body builders or putting shine on food photography

Features of product:

(1) High quality seleced reflector fabric for flooding the subject with a smooth light and adding a touch of sparkle

(2) 100cm standard size umbrella , suitable for small , mediam size flash or continuous light

(3) standard 7mm shaft , fits all standard equipment

(4) Reversible, so can be used a gold or silver umbrella , good value!

The umbrella material unclips easily from the spokes and can be quickly reassembled the opposite way to achieve a differing effect. The pole of the umbrella is long enough for you to adjust the distance between the flash/ light source and the umbrella itself to increase or decrease the amount of reflected light needed.

Primary material : specialist reflector, Steel

Size: 100cm