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Easybox professional softbox for speedlight flash - 60cm


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Easybox - professional softbox for speedlight portable flash

This for a 60cm size

Perfect for portrait lighting with speedlite flash off camera flash and strobits style photography
The best thing to happen to a portable flash or Speedlight is the Mini Softbox. Now you can recreate near studio quality images with your hammer style portable flash. This softbox is designed to sit on top of any light stand. The flash mounting bracket is fully adjustable to accommodate almost all "hammer" style flash units.
Easy to setup and breakdown, the softbox is ideal for the wedding and event photographer.
Works with TTL and non-TTL style flash units. Non-TTL flash units must be set to "manual" mode as their sensor will be masked by the softbox.
* 60cm x 60cm light weight Easy Open softbox (No Rods)
* Wire frame structure eliminates speed ring and steel rods
* Easily attaches to a light stand
* Universal flash mounting bracket adapts to most flashes
* Includes carry bag
The adapter which holds the flash has a standard 15mm socket so that it fits into any light stand.
The whole kit fits into a 35x20cm bag.
The fabric is silver lined and has a removable diffuson screen.
An excellent grade of diffusion material.
Please see our other listings for TTL flash cord for most brands and many light stands - your complete photography lighting store!

portable flash flashgun soft box softbox flash diffuser

great quality softbox for speedlight flash such as sb-600 sb-700 sb-800 sb-900 430ex 560ex etc