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Dual optical slave flash kit


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80w dual bulb optical slave flash kit. These slave flashes will trigger when another flash is fired or by using a sync cord direct into them.

High powered these are a great and low cost way to blow your background out to white when doing product or portrait photography. Can be used with a photo table or product cube light tent. Only 80w but they put out a lot of light. They can be diffused by adding any one of our photography umbrellas or shoot through translucent light reflector discs.

Kit includes:

2x 40 Watt Photo Lighting studio Slave Strobe Flash Light
AC Slave Flash with Sync Cord and Sensor

Features: 40WS (ISO 100:GN28)

This strobe light is simple to use and can be added to almost any lighting system simply by adding to a standard light socket. The front cover works well to diffuse the light, creating a soft, even light for your subject.

Triggered by flash or a sync cord
40 watts
4-6 second recycling time
Light control distance of 12 meters
Color temperature of 5500 K
1/800 second flash synchronization
Flash lamp index of GN ISO-100:26

One (1) 40 watt strobe light
One (1) sync cord


1x Multi E27 Studio Light Holder with Umbrella Holder

Please see our other listings for Bulbs, umbrellas and stands, happy to combine shipping where possible.

Multifunctional E27 AC socket set. Designed to work with all E27 screw light.
Accommodate light bulbs or slave flash, built in umbrella holder and light stand mount,
Easy mount to light stand and easily adjustable for different shooting angles. 

Brand New AC Swivel Adapter. It mounts on any standard light stand. It has a built in umbrella holder . The extra long cords help you move them freely to position it for best lighting effects.
Easy to use screw in head will fit standard photo bulbs.

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