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Canvas sandbag for photo light stands - Black

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Canvas sandbag for photo light stands - sand bag

A very handy and hard to come by item

In the film and photography industry nothing is put on to a stand or tripod without a sandbag on the base. This is the procedure, whether it is a $5 piece of polystyrene to block out light, or a $250,000 camera. For this reason it is almost unheard of for tripods and stands to be knocked or blown over. 

Such a simple and effective idea. Just set up your tripod as you normally would, then drape one of these saddle bag style sand bags over each tripod foot, and your tripod/bipod now has a firm base to prevent accidental knocks or gusts of wind from destroying your valuable investment. 

These are one of the highest quality products that we have ever seen. They are made from an industrial strength nylon material, double zipped, with a tough carry strap across the middle. At each end is a pouch that can be filled with sand, gravel, shot or anything heavy, then double zipped to prevent splits or spills. Simply leave filled for your next job, or empty out and lay flat for storage. 

Get some today, before it’s too late! 

Simple to use 
Very tough 
Double zip 

Construction: Industrial Nylon 
Size: Flat aprox 23 x 27cm

Measures: Two side 2 x 200 x 260mm
Weight: 400g