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Brolly box - shoot through Umbrella softbox


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Brolly box - shoot through Umbrella softbox

HUGE collapsible 85cm (33") portable diffuser brollybox / softbox folds umbrella style into a compact package just 70cm long and 7cm in width so you can enjoy high efficiency studio style softbox lighting on location.

Great for use with speedlights (battery powered flash packs) from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sony, Minolta etc for strobist style work. A suitable bracket is available in my store.

Also suitable for use with any studio flash.

This brollybox provides broad soft, even lighting. The light is diffused by the translucent front panel, and any light escaping backwards is redirected forwards by the back panel. This provides much higher efficiency lighting than a simple brolly and avoids lighting up areas behind the flash .

It will mount onto any fitting designed to hold a brolly and has a large adjustable baffle ensuring no light leakage from around your flash.

Heavy duty PVC construction ensures a long working life. It also comes with a fabric sleeve to protect it during transport.

studio light diffuser