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Brolly box - Reflective Umbrella softbox


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Brolly box - Reflective Umbrella softbox

Umbrellas allow for a quick and easy set-up. Used as a shoot-through diffuser and small enough to position close to the subject. Collapsible for on-location jobs

HUGE collapsible 85cm (33") portable reflective brollybox / umbrella softbox folds umbrella style into a compact package just 65cm long and 6cm in width so you can enjoy high efficiency studio style softbox lighting on location.

Great for use with speedlights (battery powered flash packs) from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sony, Minolta etc for strobist style work.

Also suitable for use with our studio flash strobes

This brollybox provides very soft and even lighting. The light first bounces off the silver reflective surface and is then further diffused by the translucent front panel. This provides similar lighting to the expensive octagonal softboxes at a fraction of the cost.

It will mount onto any fitting designed to hold a brolly and has a large adjustable baffle ensuring no light leakage from around your flash.

Heavy duty PVC construction ensures a long working life. It also comes with a fabric sleeve to protect it during transport.

Assembling and disassembling softboxes can be fiddly and time-consuming, especially when shooting on location. One way around it is to keep your softboxes assembled but this can take up a lot of space, so what are the other options? The Elemental Brolly Box is the perfect solution to these problems thanks to a design thats based on a standard photographic umbrella. The main difference being that it has a diffuser attached to the normally open bottom of the umbrella. The umbrella attaches to studio lights in exactly the same way as standard umbrellas, and has a diffuser panel at the bottom of the umbrella that can be securely fastened around a studio light to create a softbox. The results are as effective as a standard softbox, but the Brolly Box gives you round catchlights in your subjects eyes and it can be used with any flash system.