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Beauty Dish 50.5cms for Bowens S mount Studio Flash


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Beauty Dish 50.5cms for Bowens S mount Studio Flash

The Beauty Dish Reflector is an essential light modifier for portrait and glamour photographers offering soft, even light with minimal loss and moderate feathering.

Our Beauty Dish Reflector utilises a wide but shallow design to deliver soft, direct lighting onto subjects. Popular amongst fashion and glamour photographers, Beauty Dish Reflector delivers amazing results on models with young, flawless skin. The removable diffuser cap which covers the flash tube and modeling lamp allows photographers to choose the level of sharpness in the light. Similarly, the included diffusion sock allows even softer light without the addition of a soft box.

The Beauty Pan Dish Reflector is manufactured with an inbuilt Bowens S-Type mount offering easy connection to a wide range of studio monoblocs from various brands including Bowens interfit Lastolite and many others. Its lightweight but durable construction allows easy setup in the studio or on location.

Professional Quality
Why spend hundreds on a Bowens Softlite Reflector when the same results can be achieved using a higher quality reflector? Our Beauty Dish Reflector is manufactured from a single piece cast aluminum shell with a black exterior and a highly reflective grained silver inner lining.

Controllable Light Output
The Beauty Dish Reflector allows photographers different levels of diffusion with a removable inner diffuser cap and also a removable diffusion sock. Achieve the same level of softness as a small softbox without the bulk, hassle or light loss.

Creates perfectly round catchlights in the eyes of models while the inner diffuser cap removes hotspots in the light on skin.