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Battery Power Pack supply for Studio Flash


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Battery Power Pack supply for Studio Flash 
Can also be used to power many other items like computers and anything else.

This excellent portable power pack is designed for professional use in the studio and on location.

Equipped with the latest digital technology, it is extremely precise, stable and versatile. Combined with high manufacturing quality, the innovative way of charging from a car makes it ideal for heavy duty outdoor shooting. it features multi-voltage and meets all the criteria a photographic professional could want when shooting outdoors.

Safe, reliable and versatile
Handy and transportable
High power and high Capacity
Integrated protective circuits
Pure Sine Wave
Fast recycling times
Charging options
Battery saving features
over loading and over heating protection

The power pack net weight 13.25kg
1pcs VC 300W studio flash in full power working can flash 1400 times,
2pcs VC 300W studio flash in full power working can flash 500 times
1pcs VC 400 and 1pcs VC 600 in full power working can flash 230 times
The power pack recharge time is 8 hours. 2pcs 15A/h VRLA batteries
It can be recharged from a car also and is compatible with many brands of studio flash

Technical Characteristics:
type: 230v/50hz
Ac input (mains): yes
input voltage range(V): 100-240
Rated max. current(A): 1
Charging time (h) at 230v: 4
Dc input (external battery)(V): 12
AC output: 115v/60zh / 230v/50hz
Rated Voltage (V):230
Frequency (Hz): 50
Wave form: Pure sine wave
rated Max. constant power: 1000
Durative constant output current (A): 4.5
Durative constant output power (VA): 1000

portable battery power pack for studio strobe and flash