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Background Reflector for Bowens S Mount


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Background Reflector with clamp for Bowens S Mount

The VISICO Background Reflector is particularly suitable for passport and portrait photography. The clamping fixtures enable the use of colour filters for colourisation of backgrounds. The silver coating on the inside of the reflector creates an even, soft background light. The truncated shape of the background reflector ensures an even lighting of the background and protects your motif from annoying light reflections. Perfect for evenly blowing out backgrounds to pure white or using our gel kit to get an even coloured background.

Product features:
suitable for flashes of VISICO VCVCLR and VS series

Ideal background mounting with clamping fixture

Suitable for portrait and passport photography ideal lighting of the background for cramped proportions of space

When coloured foils are put into the clamps, the background can also be coloured
Convenient:  reflector can be rotated on the flash head

Model: BF-601