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120cm Photo Studio Light Tent Soft Box


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120x120x120cm Photo Studio Light Tent Soft Box Shooting Cube

This cube light tent which makes it extremely easy to take great digital or film photos of small and large size objects for the web or for print. Inexperienced photographers will get clean, professional-looking images. Professional photographers will save time, enhance their productivity, and significantly increase their lighting flexibility.

* Designed for large objects
* Includes Front panel, white, black, backdrops and carry bag
* Approx 120cm x 120cm x 120cm
* Folds up and fits into a carrying bag

Perfect for small to large Product Photography.
When not in use, it easily folds up flat or into a 50cm carry case for convenient storage.
Perfect for medium to large Product Photography.
Perfect for Web and catalogue Photography.

The light tent performs two functions: to isolate reflective subjects from their surroundings,minimising reflections.
This creates a completely enclosed environment and provides a shadowless light source.
Constructed from a new double sided material
more diffusion and minimise internal reflections - whilst having no effect on the colour temperature
All light tents carry 4 Background Sweeps (Black, White, Blue, Red), and a carry bag

Size: 120x120x120cm

120 X 120 X 120 cm Photography Softbox Studio LIghting Tent

4 Background Sweeps